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Weight Loss to fit all your needs.


Have you tried every diet out there? 
Do you find you can lose weight but after a while you put it right back on?


Hypnotic weight loss is way to reprogram the way you think in order to help you remove unwanted pounds…and the best part is, you keep them off! Hypnosis changes your mind’s neural-pathways and builds or reinforces habits to help you become the person you want to be. Hypnosis helps you achieve your goals and align your size, shape, and weight with your ideal you.


Weight Loss Testimonials – Testimonials


“Virtual” Gastric Band Program


The Virtual Gastric Band is a hypnotic program that installs a virtual band around the top part of your stomach. Even though no real surgery is used to install the band, you will feel the gastric band restricting the amount of food entering the stomach immediately. As with the real gastric band, clients will find it most difficult to eat anything but a small meal without lots of discomfort. Because there is no cutting the body open, and moving your organs around to place the band there is no downtime or recovery needed and no side effects except that you will find you need to eat small meals.


My famous $499 full weight loss package of unlimited sessions

NOW REDUCED TO $299 for my Anniversary


Weight loss $499 – NOW $299

Unlimited weight loss sessions.
• My weight loss program is Rochesters first and only results based not fee per session based.
One on one sessions with the centers founder and Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH) H Douglas Jones
• I also give you a recording to reinforce the session at home.


How it works:

You do a session with H Douglas Jones which includes your own personalized hypnosis session, weight loss mentoring and more tips and tricks to help you lose weight including food charts, daily checklists, recommended TV/books to educate yourself about the real reason you can’t lose weight plus my special segregated plate to eat your meals from.


After a few weeks doing the program and when you have lost your first 5lbs or more you contact us and come back in for a session.

No cost.

Every time you lose another 5lbs you come back in at no extra cost. Unlimited sessions with your own weight loss hypnotist until you have hit your target.


Single session rate are also available.


Walk, Wine and Weight Loss


A fun program to get your hypnotic feet wet. We will walk about 2 miles down the canal to get all the excitement for hypnosis ready. We will then stop at a local eatery for a complementary drink maybe a glass of wine or adult beverage where we can talk about your weight loss goals for the weeks to come and learn about hypnosis over a glass of your favorite drink. Finally a wonderful relaxing hypnotic experience to enforce your weight loss goals. You leave energized, yet relaxed and focused.

(limited to 6 persons) Great for girls night out


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