Ready To Have Fun!

The Howie Hypnotize Show

Ready To Have Fun!

The Howie Hypnotize Show

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Fun and Fast Entertainment 

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 Howie Hypnotize 

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The Howie Hypnotize Show is about to get started.  Howie is fast at hypnosis, watch your friends drop instantly into hypnosis. Howie is funny.  Howie knows how to have a good time so hold on to your seats or you may just laugh right off.  This interactive show involves the participants on stage and the audience.  Ever wonder how people get to be on stage? They volunteer.  I'm always looking for the people that want to have the most fun.  So before each show we'll run a fun experiment to see if you can be hypnotized. (watch the promo for the spinning disc and see if you see a change in my head at the end because it is way cool if you see it)  The best part of any show is to be a participant, so any healthy audience member may chose to participate in the show.  It will not matter where you sit: on stage or in the audience you will have fun. You'll laugh, laugh again, have fun , and learn a little about how the mind works.

Public Shows


March 24 - Oxford Academy and Central School - Fundraiser


April 30- Free Show - Heartland Conference, St Louis, MO


May 13- Perry High School - Fundraiser
May 18- Johnnys Pub and Grill - Rochester,NY


June 8 - Photo City Improv - 730pm


September 14- Keybank Rochester Fringe Fest - School of the Arts - 6pm
September 15- Keybank Rochester Fringe Fest - School of the Arts -9PM


November 4 - Team Kyle - Paige's Butterfly Run - Turtle Cove, Sterling, NY - 8pm


December 13 - Comedy at the Carlson - Howie Hypnotize - 730pm $10 - Start your holiday with a laugh

January 2018:

January 20 - Fundraising event for the Spencerport Rangers - 730pm

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When looking for entertainment for your event, pick a professional. Howie Hypnotize is a professional. When not on stage Howie is also known as Howie Jones.  Howie is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Instructor,  has a Masters in Eduction and is also New York State certified coach. When hiring an entertainer wouldn't you like to know they passed a background check and would be appropriate for your crowd. Howie Jones is fully insured and tested by National Association of Mobile Entertainers (NAME). He has also passed the safety standards test on proper safety procedures to use on stage.

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