"Thanks Howie, the kids had so much fun and we made an additional $300 in snack sales" - Oxford Academy 


"I never saw the parents laugh so much and the students loved it" - Perry HS



Howie Fundraisers are a fun and an easy way for your organization to make money.

Here are a two options which will help you decide how to make more money.

  1. Buy out and you keep all the ticket sales + LMT*
  2. 50/50 split on ticket sales (capped and you keep the extra) + LMT*
    *Eliminate LMT cost for local shows

Email for more information.


Fundraisers are great options for schools, sports boosters, band boosters, senior classes, junior classes, colleges or organizations like DECA, FBLA, HOSA, FFA, etc.


Five reasons this is great for you:


1.  Pre-sale tickets and sell at the door too
2.  You don’t have to collect money then deliver products
3.  Anyone can participate in the show
4.  You can make extra money selling snacks at the show
5.  Little to no money out of pocket


Everyone will be talking about your function for weeks to come (the next show will be even more successful)

L (lodging) M (meals) T (travel) S (sound)

* local shows excluded