Hypnosis Certification and Training

Basic to Advanced Hypnosis Training and Certification

5 to 8 day intensive training (total of 100hrs of training).


100% Guarantee you’ll love the class or you can have a full refund until lunch the first day


Includes Student manual 1 and 2, 2 CDs, 2 Pdf CD’s and 9 DVDs, and bi-weekly practice/ supervision night for all my students


You will be able to hypnotize someone by lunch the first day.



Introduction - Goals and Training
Suggestibility tests
The classification of subjects
Influences and dangers
Three-step self-hypnosis
How to hypnotize, conduct depth tests, and emerging procedures
Rapport building skills
The many applications of hypnosis
Powerful inductions
How to decide which inductions to use based on the client's needs
Mechanical aids
Deepening techniques
Smoking Cessation program
Stress Management program
Weight Management program
How To Conduct Workshops, Seminars, and Group Sessions
Various scripts and outlines to get you started right away!
And Much More